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Winter Spreading

Spreading manure in winter

Spread manure carefully on frozen land
By Natalie Rector
Can farmers still winter-apply manure? Should they be careful? Can their actions impact the entire industry? Can they find help to better plan and reduce risk? Yes—to all of the above. Read entire article from Michigan Farmer.

Winter Spreading
By Natalie Rector
We never hear stories about the dozens of producers who use appropriate practices to apply manure on frozen, snow-covered fields. Read entire article

Capturing Land-Applied Manure in the Root Zone, Part 3:
Spreading on Frozen and Snow-covered Ground

Land application of manure to frozen and snow-covered ground is a common practice in Michigan. The challenge for a livestock producer is to apply manure in a way that is labor efficient, cost effective, and environmentally responsible. Read entire article

A Procedure for Determining the Land Available for Winter Spreading of Manure in Michigan
Manure is an important resource on Michigan livestock farms. It can supply all the phosphorus (P) needed by any Michigan crop and, depending on type and amount, all of the nitrogen (N). Read entire article

Spreading Manure on Frozen, Snow Covered Fields
One bad apple does spoil the whole bunch. Every incident of winter manure application that causes a runoff to surface water during spring thaw is one more reason for the public and the regulators to consider restricting this practice. Read entire article