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White Papers

Economic Impacts of Hog Operations
For some time there has been concern over the net economic impact on rural communities of new and expanding livestock production facilities. As with many controversial issues, there are often “winners” and “losers” associated with local changes in the livestock industry. Read entire white paper 

Antibiotics in the Environment and Antibiotic Resistance
We share the world with a wide range of living organisms, from microscopic bacteria to gigantic whales. Although we cannot see them, bacteria are all around us and are a normal part of our ecosystem and our lives. Read entire white paper

Land Use Planning and the Right to Farm Act

After the passage of Public Act 261 in 1999, two substantial changes were made in Michigan’s Right-to-Farm Act. Read entire white paper

Livestock and Water Quality

In an effort to remain profitable, livestock farms are consolidating
and expanding in size.  Along with expansion come larger facilities,
more management responsibility, greater visibility in the community and
a greater potential for adverse effects on the environment. This fact sheet
helps answer frequently asked questions about potential impacts from
livestock farming systems on surface water and groundwater quality.

Impacts of Air Emissions on Michigan Communities

Potential health impacts of livestock and poultry farms on nearby
residents is an issue that livestock and poultry industries have faced
nationally, though the topic is dealt with primarily at the local
level. Read entire white paper