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Tile Drains

tile drain 

Capturing Land-Applied Manure in the Root Zone, Part 2:Tile-drained Land
Management strategies that capture land-applied manure in the root zone will make the nutrients available for the next crop, improve soil quality, and prevent manure nutrient and contaminant loss to the environment. Read entire article

Manure Application on Tile-Drained Cropland
Much of the productive cropland in the Great Lakes region has been improved with drain tile for sub-surface drainage. Most of this land is in animal production areas where animal manure is applied to the land as part of an important nutrient use and manure treatment program. On some fields, land-applied manure quickly enters. Read entire article

Monitor Tile Outlets 
Dr. Tim Harrigan, MSU Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Dept.
How can you be sure that your field tile drains are not carrying manure to surface water if you don’t monitor them?  If there is a problem, you need to be the first to know.  The peace of mind from knowing manure is staying in the field is priceless.  Read entire article

blowing smoke 

Not Just Blowing Smoke
By Dann Bolinger

Read about a demonstration that shows the importance of keeping manure out of tile lines.