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Slurry Seeding

slurry seeded ground

Manure Slurry-enriched Seeding of Biosuppressive Cover Crops
By Tim Harrigan
The development of cropping systems that reduce tillage intensity, increase the use of cover crops and make efficient use of manure can protect the environment and improve soil quality in many ways. Low-disturbance tillage and soil conservation practices that stabilize soil will keep manure in place and protect water quality. Read entire article

Cover Crops, Always a good idea!
By Natalie Rector & Marilyn Thelen
Surface applied manure that is not incorporated may be vulnerable to runoff. Rain or snow-melt may relocate the manure, sometimes months after application, where it could pond or reach surface waters. Cover crops are particularly beneficial on fields receiving manure between harvest and spring.Read entire article

Efficient, Sustainable and Environmentally Sensitive Land Application of Manure
Consider Aerial Seeding Winter Cover Crops Ahead of Manure Applications

By Natalie Rector
Farmers who invest some time and thought to plant a winter cover crop now can reap the rewards well into the next growing season. Aerial seeding a cover into a standing silage, corn or soybean crop can be a good option for improving. Read entire article

Stabilizing Nutrient-rich Farm Land with Slurry-enriched Seeding of Cover Crops after Corn Silage
By Tim Harrigan
Dairy and livestock farmers face considerable economic and environmental challenges as they prepare for the future. Over the last several years many farmers have adopted low-disturbance tillage and soil conservation practices that improve profitability. Read entire article

Management practices that capture land-applied manure in the root zone will make the nutrients available for the next crop, improve soil quality, and prevent sediment and nutrient loss in runoff. Read entire article