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Milk House Washwater

MSU Studies Dairy Wash Water Reuse
By Becky Larson
The wastewater from washing dairy milking equipment and the milking parlor after each milking contains milk waste, animal waste and cleaning products. Read entire article

Bark Beds – An Option for Treating Milking Center Wastewater?
Milkhouse center wastewater is a problem that every dairy, regardless of size, must deal with on a daily basis. The wastewater originates from the water that is used to clean milking handling and storage equipment and the parlor itself.  Read entire article

Managing Dairy Wastewater Using an Innovative Treatment and Disposal System
Wastewater from dairies has become a controversial topic in recent years. Dealing with dairy wastewater has been identified as an area of significant opportunity on Michigan’s smaller dairy farms for improving water quality. Read entire article

It All Comes Out in the Washwater
by Dann Bolinger.
All dairies generate milkhouse wash water. The key is to make the most of it by getting rid of it using environmentally friendly methods. Read entire article