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Climate Variability & Change Presentations

These presentations were given by Michigan State University Extension specialist during the water and climate session of this year’s Fall Extension Conference.While access to fresh and abundant water is one of Michigan agriculture’s greatest assets, increasing water use to meet the needs of Michigan residents, industry and agriculture has the potential to alter how we allocate our water resources. The additional impacts associated with climate variability and change have the potential to add more challenges to our production of food, fiber and fuel. In order to lead the discussion on these challenging issues, Michigan State University specialists, researchers and Extension educators will present a series of webinars designed to help farmers, agricultural professionals, and state and national agency personnel understand the vital role water plays in modern agriculture along with the long-term impacts of climate variability and change. 

Farming in a Changing Environment

View the recording of the webinar:
Basic Concepts

PowerPoint presentations:
Climate Change: Extension’s Role
Field Crop Agriculture and Climate Change
Climate Variability and Change: Basic Concepts
Frequently Asked Questions about Climate Change
Greenhouse Gas Basics

Water – Michigan’s Abundant Resource

View the recordings of the webinar:
Current quality concerns related to Michigan water resources

Climate variability and change, the impact and uncertainty with water

Question & answer session

PowerPoint presentations:
Climate and Water Security (1 of 2)
Climate and Water Security (2 of 2

World of Water Policy

Social Aspects of Water

PowerPoint presentation:
Climate Change: Implications for Michigan

Too Much Water/Not Enough Water

For more information, please view the climate and water online resources page.