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Spreader in a field 

The Great Rate Debate!
With heightened concern for all aspects of manure management, the basic practice of land application is front and center calling for significant advances in technology and management.  Read entire article

Making Manure Spreader Calibration Practical and Useful
Calibration of manure application equipment is a critical part of routine farm management as manure management is being examined closely in Michigan and across the country. Knowing and managing how much manure along with its nutrients is being applied to a particular field is paramount for several reasons. Read entire article

Achieving Desired Application Rates with a Speed Rate Chart and Tips for Determining Spread Capacities. Achieving Desired Application Rates.   Speed Rate Chart (Use these blank sheets to develop your own chart).

Reducing Application Rates: One farmer’s retrofit suggestions Paul and Ralph Swartzendurber of Bay Port, Mich., were faced with a dilemma: how to spread hog finishing manure at rates low enough to meet the nitrogen needs of edible beans?  Read entire article

Cost to haul manure Order MSUE bulletin E-2767 to help evaluate the cost to haul manure. Click here to order

Available Spreadsheets Manure calibRATEr aids in the calculation of application rates for routine manure application equipment calibration using either a time or distance method. A Tool for Calculating Optimal Pit Emptying (COPE)allows you to estimate the number of working days required to empty specific manure storage based upon your equipment, fields, and efficiency parameters. It may also be used to determine the size and amount of equipment necessary for emptying a storage in a predetermined window of opportunity to apply manure. Download Excel spreadsheets for Manure calibRATEr and Tool to Calculate Optimal Pit Emptying" (COPE)